Seven Cities, Froze in Time

Seven cities, froze in time, sit upon this realm of mine

I gave them will and stopped ‘fore eight, and rest to watch what I create

I let them build and make their own, and don’t influence how they’ve grown

City One seems to dictate, and writes that rights are of the state

What the ruler says is law, as dissidents becomes outlaw

City Two, it has a Queen, but crowns aren’t always what they seem

Behind the shade there lurks a man, who meddles every time he can

I smile seeing City Three, for they cast love and worship me

Thankful for the life I give, and all the ways they choose to live

Somethings wrong with City Four, I cannot see them anymore

They fought, they argued, clashed and clanned, then destroyed their fellow man

I put my hope in City Five, for they seem happy, so alive

Sharing, trading, I can see, they’ve mastered their economy

Perhaps they should train City Six, for all I see are stones and sticks

They never reached a point where they shed differences, now here they lay

Seven gives the hope I need, it’s seems their people have agreed

Knowing they are all but mine, they came together, thoughts align

I unfreeze cities, all of them, and watch them from where they begin

As minds of my creations go, I’ve learned one thing: that they don’t know

They do not know which way to turn, which way to teach, which way to learn

I think it’s time I give them rest, with deafening sounds, of this war chest

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