Behind Bars

Things are changing for me lately, each day for me seems like a haze

Ink in wells and all these spells that’s how I spend all of my days

Conversations that don’t mean much. Shallow talk I won’t even touch. My hateful thoughts are so enflamed I saw one light up and combust.

Don’t care if I offended if I said it then I meant if you hate anything I penned it’s your bleeding hearts that’s good as dead.

Seems lately that I dream more, but I sleep less

I blink four when I need rest

Lights are off and locked’s the door cause that’s the time I can see best

Father was a devil and my mother was a saint

Half an angel half a demon when they mixed their DNA

Take my time with every line cause I cannot walk astray

Have to prove to you which one of you made who I am today

Struggles, we all got em, sadly that won’t ever change

What we do is how we prove that we’re walking the right way

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