If you lived inside a padded tower and held all of the people’s power never sweating on your brow

What would you do?

Would you make the people cower, would you make them serve somehow, would you make the people bow?

Or do you think that you would prove?

Prove what? I’m glad you asked, for the answer, you are tasked, would you do these things I say or create ways for your own way?

Would you help the ones in need? Even those who disagreed? Would you do the noble thing and plant the earths first noble seed?

Or would you be like all the else, make it big and lose yourself, drift into the same old game that everyone can’t seem to shelf

Distinctions lie here, you and me. We aren’t the same – we’re different, see. You think you say the things you mean but when you’re tested, you just blink. I don’t do that. Look at me. I don’t play the absentee. I don’t agree to disagree and I don’t care if you like me.

I write things that I believe. I think the things I might achieve. I reach higher to inspire, you just rip down and deceive.

There’s one thing that you should know. I love it when you hate my posts. I love it when you get so angry that I’m doing things you won’t. You say be silent? I’m a ghost. My words mean more than anything you’ve dreamt or dreamed in Sandman’s Coast.

Here’s a tip: I’d keep ‘em close. All those words you write to roast.

Call it luck, or I’m Moonstruck – but truly…I don’t give a fuck.

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