So many things I’d do tonight, if God Himself stood here right now

I would not look Him in the eye, I would not cower ‘fore and bow

I would respect Him though I’ll say, I would not brashly disavow

I’d give Him chance to tell, explain, the things He’s done, this I’d allow

Halls of hatred haunt the helpless, where is Your Divine relief?

People starve for no good reason, yet you demand their belief

You want these converts for the ones you send as your own missionary

When they’re better served by those who visit them as commissary

Times evolved, it’s over now

We do not see things eye to eye

I will speak the truth of You

Until the day I choose to die

My hearts been tough, I’ve prayed enough, it’s time You’re told just Who You are

Benevolent Creator, no, each wound You’ve made’s become a scar

I don’t care if it is fair, for nothing that You made is such

I speak the truth, confession booth, and You’re no more my spirit’s crutch

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