Silence, eternal

I idolize the thought of it

I hear the sound

Its all around

I want so much to make it quit

Doubts, they’re torture

They twist the knife inside my heart

They plague my mind

They make me blind

They tear my everything apart

Why can’t I just simplify the things that keep me up at night

Why can’t I just let her die and not say this is all just life

I don’t know, I hate it so, the things I think; she wouldn’t want

Asking if her impact on me made me lost or a savant

Nothing would have changed if not for her and all the things she taught

Nothing’d be the same if she had told me I just dream a lot

Writing verse, it isn’t easy, but there are things in life that come

They make you question everything, who you are now and you’ll become


I get it

We’re all supposed to let it go

But I don’t see why you or me should just forget the seeds we sow

Love and loss are everything

They’re what this time on Earth’s about

It’s not careers or “hey look heres”

Its giving benefits of doubt

I’ll make it clear cause we’re all here

And share the things that make us, us

It’s passion and it’s patience, hear

For life is not superfluous

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