Who resides up in my mind? There’s someone that’s a ghost to me

I ask him to unlock the door but he looks, laughs, and flaunts the key

Why will he not just open up and tell me who I’m s’posed to be?

I hate the things he haunts me with and all the things he makes me see

I don’t want to know if I am destined for the fire, now

I don’t want to know if I am destined for a higher ground

I don’t care to be aware of anything that lies ahead

I just want to know that I will do the right thing till I’m dead

Satan came to me with something I told him to leave at home

A looking glass he gave to me that showed me where my loved ones roam

Heaven, Hell, he told me where each person I knew ended up

It tore apart my fragile heart to see the filled and empty cup

Ignorance is bliss they say, and I’ll say it again tonight

You don’t want to see these things he showed me and he said, alright?

Just remember, don’t surrender anything you think is true

The Devil’s always watching and he loves nothing more to get at you

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