Finding Purpose

Nothing rips my brain apart like not having a peace of mind

I look and see and search and plea and always seem to try and find

Constant balance, but I can’t, I fear I’m cursed to be the kind

That never sees the silent seas I seek to see and sail behind

Purpose passes pens to me and I just hold them with a stare

Playing them on pen and pad like all my idols, hi Voltaire

Rid the worst of all the cursed, the quill I use has meaning now

Blotting ink the things I think we need to shed and disavow

For so long I have walked along a shaded path that has no end

Never knowing nothing needing nothing more than just pretend

Now it’s changed I’ve rearranged, and everything is clear to me

There is but one direction that my ship will sail, we all shall see

I fine’ly know the person I’m supposed to be and will become

I finel’ly know that words are my one calling and my only sum

Everything has added up, everything has come to this

Words will be the wind I need to sail my ship through the abyss

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