We Need Guidance

There is no other medium that they will understand

You cannot write a book or play and sell it hand to hand

Nobody listens till you’ve given something they can talk about

Nobody listens to the person who just sits and starts to pout

I don’t know why

But most will die

Before they get a microphone

I don’t know why

That awful guy

Is liked so much for what he owns

I want to live in worlds where treating people right is what we see

I want to live in worlds where goodness is the traded currency

Why can’t we do it?

Why’s it so hard?

Why can’t we take this game that’s ended, throw it back to where it starts?

Listen y’all, I know you hear

You hear the words we read and write

We could change the world today if you would just give up tonight

I know you’re with me

I know it’s true

I know the things we think and say are all the things we want to do

But we need guidance

Up above

Tell me now, tell me straight: is this how I’m supposed to love?

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