The Lonely Willow

In a meadow, where nothing’s grown, there lives a Willow, all alone

O’er the meadow blows a breeze, as the Willow dreams of other trees

Longing for one friend to keep, this lonely Willow starts to weep

Such sadness falls from its poor frond, it’s tears fall down, and form a pond

Images reflect above, they cast a picture of a dove

Freely flying, it seems so near, then fades, and fades, and disappears

The Willow cries, it’s heart hath break, its tears begin to form a lake

Such sorrow for this Willow’s dove

For all it wants is to be loved

And so for years this Willow wept

For all the promises it kept

It gave its heart and soul, you see

Twas such a kind and loving tree

When the time came to pass on

This Willow thought that it’d done wrong

It never found a friend to love, it never caught that lovely dove

It died, alone, without goodbye, without a friend, not you, nor I

But then the meadow grew and grew

It blossomed flowers, leaves, and dew

The Willow’s tears, through it’s sad strife

Brought all the grass and trees to life

Such wonder did that meadow sew

But the lonely Willow, will never know

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