Elected Representatives

Here’s the problem, extended reach, no one wants to heed your preach

Their minds are theirs, waking up, fine’ly drinking from this cup

No one, ever, wants to be, told what things they should believe

The dogmas real and we all feel, and nows the time to take our leave

Thought is independent and if that means you are offended well I’m sorry we can’t end it for the sake of how you feel

No I didn’t mean it but if critics want to see it then they better start to read it fore they say it isn’t real

If you don’t like that, sorry friend

The rhythm changes, till the end

There’s naught a thought that you can think to dim out this here fire, no

And if you think that when they blink, you can plant the seeds you sew

You are wrong, all along, the soils been converted, see

That’s a fact, the people act, and you now mean nothing to me

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