I did not want to let things get so bad that it all came to this

But now I’m forced to write this poem cause people blow and have me pissed

Let me start by saying that I edit things without a fee

For someone whose disabled and writes things that help her feel she’s free

Quotes and notes and things that make her feel like she is just like us

And you know what? That girl is, and anyone who judges sucks

Then there’s this one guy I met who slept behind the garbage, see

I sat down and talked to him and told him that he’s just like me

Because we’ve all been at the bottom – if you’ve not then shut your trap

And thank your random circumstances, shoes without a sole bootstrap

Oh! And wait, I forgot – the laptop I raised money for

So someone could write her thoughts, her values, see, and so much more

Then there’s someone, ‘cross the world

Someone who just wants to speak

I helped them learn a language so they’d have all of the words they seek

But let us stop, I digress

This list could go for many days

That’s not the point, it’s just the joint

The muscles in the lack of praise

Being good is understood, there is no need to recognize

At least I say, to you today, amongst this life there are no lies

You simply do, no thought for who, no care for why or anything

For Proverbs twenty three verse seven is the only song to sing

So if you have not done such things then stfu please, tonight

Because you’re hypocritical and have no dog that’s in this fight

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