I Hate Everything

I hate this stupid world, and everybody in it

They suck and suck and muck and muck and always seem to sin it

I hate my stupid self, cause I know that I’m no different

And I hate this whole dumb universe why did God have to begin it

I hate this leeching dog, all he does is beg for food

He stares at me so awkwardly when I am in the nude

I hate the girls I’ve been with, I was never in the mood

I just did those things to satisfy because I’m nice not rude

I hate the stupid government, they just lie oppress and cheat

If it had an ass I’d kick it not with one but both my feet

I hate that stupid running back, every helmet every cleat

He ruins all my fantasy when the bros sit down to meet

Hello stupid turtle, I hate you and your dumb shell

Stop lumbering you slowpoke why don’t you just go to hell

Shutup kindergartners, why don’t you go learn to spell

I hate your stupid toys hey boys watch me kick them down the well

Hey wait what’s there up in the air, oh hi you fugly bird

Come down here and face me bet you won’t you wimpy turd

What’d you say?! That’s what I thought, you didn’t chirp a word

You wanna fight? I’ll make a kite and fly it straight into your herd

I hate this art it’s like a fart, it stinks to heavens high

Just look at it, the piece of shit, don’t look long cause you’ll die

Auction this, my ass to kiss, your work makes people cry

Take your stupid paint and brush and stick them in your eye

What’s that I hear? Your in-laws near? I hate them very much

They suck at games with stupid brains and your dad bitches when we touch

I don’t care you hear me there? Know that nap we took at “lunch”?

I “warmed” her when she said “brr”, afternoon delight is clutch

Look at the stars how bright they are, their lights so stinking old

They’re probably all dead by now don’t believe the lies you’re told

Neil Degrasse can kiss my ass, I hate his science sold

I want a refund for this shirt, I only bought it cause it’s cold

“It’s space up there!” You think I care? Shut your face it looks like death

I could probably cure cancer with your radioactive breath

I hate Evander’s ear and I am glad Mike had to bite it

I hate your ugly cat and if I could right now I’d fight it

I would kick it to the moon then pull it back so I could smite it

And I hate this stupid poem and all the thoughts I had to write it

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