Stop This Train

Stop the train of thought which says that you and I are enemies

All it is is propaganda, put out by these entities

Entities of power, wealth, falsely feigning jealousies

Sitting back and watching as we fight and commit felonies


Right now

You have the chance to do it

They’re using you, abusing you, and you know what? I’ll prove it

Take a look at benefactors of the current status quo

It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s everyone up there, you know?

No one really cares what happens to the ones they do not know

Those who claim to care are putting on the same old pony show

It’s not complex, it’s simple, right?

They could not give a filth tonight

And if you choose to drink the juice

Well, that’s on you not me, alright?

We must understand behavior if we are to overcome

Overcome the things we face that test the most, reward the some

If you agree say it with me, things have reached a tipping point

This is our life we’re fighting for, we must connect, we must conjoin

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