A Step at a Time

I ask Him where this road will go

He answers, saying “I don’t know”

“Your path: its paved by you alone”

“And every act lays one more stone”

My mind, it mulls these words he spoke

So many thoughts they do provoke

No longer shall I wonder “where”

For its the “now” that gets me “there”

Focus falls from futures, faint

Shifting down to stones in wait

Much attention,they require

To build a path that leads me higher

The mix to craft this step that’s next

Is made from passion, pain, and text

The mortar binding in between

Pours from all inside of me

I tell Him “now, I understand”

He grins and points to my right hand

“That pen,” He says, “will take you far”

“If you find who you truly are”

His wisdom, as it did before

Sparks my mind to think once more

And then it dawns: the realest me

Its all expressed – through poetry

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