Suspicious Minds

There are times I wish I’d heed the things that hide, surrounding me. I don’t see why you and me are plagued by struggle, constantly. All I’ve done, I’ve done for you, and yet you think I’ve been untrue? None of this makes sense to me, so help me see your viewpoint, please. I do not think I ask for much, just how you somehow think as such.

Was it that time I answered her? When my ex texted “Remember?” Or was it when I told you no, I had to work during that show? Why can’t you tell me what pains you? I want to help, I really do. Don’t leave alone, with just this thought. You think there’s something; there’s really not. Please ease your mind and see what’s real: everything that we’ve been through. If we know one thing, it is this: you’re mine, and I belong to you.

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