Worlds of War

With the birds I share this view, indeed

Yes it’s lonely, but it’s the only

Only thing I seem to see

Flying high up in the sky

Looking down on things below

See amidst, we’re so transfixed

On that which sells tix to the show

And yet if

We flipped the switch

Then maybe we could look at them

Those who twist, and slap your wrist

Each time you ask

“So what, then?”

Question not the narrative

For if you do, you may not live

Why, you ask?

Best tip your flask

To calm you ‘fore answers we give

You are not allowed to think

Nor can you pour your own drink

All of that is done by us

We who steer this shortened bus

Challenge not, authority

We know what’s best for you and me

Close your mouth – not a word

For if you speak, you’ll go unheard

And it won’t even stop there, no

Sorry, but you’ve got to go

You dare presume to think yourself?

You’re cancelled now, put on the shelf

This world is ours, and that’s the gist

If you oppose us, you’re racist

All your words we now conscript

To label you when we deem fit

With the birds I share this view, indeed

If it’s only from this lonely

Lonely place, that none will heed

Misconstrued, perceptions are

Though I wish upon this star

That some day this voice may be heard

I know it won’t be. They want the third.

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