Confession Booth

Walking down this lonely aisle

Hoping it won’t take awhile

To confess what’s on my mind

I draw the curtain, then unwind

Forgive me Father, I have sinned

“Tell me Son, what brings you in?”

I cannot make recompense

I can’t find your first defense

“Wait my child, what do you mean?”

Just listen please, and I’ll come clean

Yes, you sit here to judge me

But I can’t help the things I see

What if someone could judge You?

Ask ‘why do the things You do?’

“Come now son -“ Be quiet, please

This is between Him and me

Sit there Father, be patient

I did not come to relent

I came to speak with Him, true

You’re just the outlet I speak through

Promise now, He’s listening?

“He hears every song you sing”

Good, because this tune, I fear

Plays notes He won’t want to hear

Does He have an answer, now?

To the what, or why, or how?

That we ask of all of His?

Or is it all just playground, this?

Don’t tell me Father, “it’s His plan”

Don’t you dare make mice of man

He made these minds, did He not?

Or have you conveniently forgot

“That’s enough, boy”

Yeah. It is.

How dare I ask why of all this

“That’s not what I meant”

Yeah, it was

Your only answer: “just because”

I hate these thoughts, do you know that?

“Of course I do, just calm down, Matt”

Sure you do. Label me “woke”

‘Cause this booth here? It’s a joke.

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