Suspicious Minds

There are times I wish I’d heed the things that hide, surrounding me. I don’t see why you and me are plagued by struggle, constantly. All I’ve done, I’ve done for you, and yet you think I’ve been untrue? None of this makes sense to me, so help me see your viewpoint, please. I do … More Suspicious Minds

Feelings, Forgotten

Feelings, forgotten, find footing I feel Forsaken for freedoms fragile hearts need to heal Faith in what’s fallen finds familiar ground What’s lost is now fine’ly so fittingly found Quizzically curious yet quite cautious I’ll be To catch, claim, acquire what’s now correct for me Concerns creep clandestine, cry subconsciously Cracked quiet, a cat-o-nine quells … More Feelings, Forgotten

Love, Lost

We’ve all learned through our lives That some things aren’t meant to last Yet often we all look back To our looming, lin’gring past The good, the bad, the ugly For better or for worse Its always deep inside us Both blessing and a curse The ones we loved, we grew with They truly held … More Love, Lost

MVCs – What is the Most Valuable Characteristic You Look For?

When I was a child, I never would have thought this way – but after studying economics and corporate strategy in college, I learned that (as odd it it might sound) there are actual methods of “quantifying” human beings. That’s right –  legitimate methods exist which essentially break a person’s personality, monetary worth, and other … More MVCs – What is the Most Valuable Characteristic You Look For?