The Sad, Lonely Sparrow

There once was a sparrow who lived by herself, the loneliest of lonely birds

She stayed in a nest which she’d built to fit more, but sadly it was only hers

Each evening she nestled a place she could sleep, the same little spot every time

She’d dream through the night that she’d fine’ly find love, raise a bird family she could call “mine”

Then sunlight brought dawn and she’d open her eyes, as she chirped that “this day is the one”

But just like the dawns that all turned dusk before, her nest still looked as it begun

Such was her life as the years flew her by, though she somehow never lost hope

And just when she first wondered “should I give up?”, the Captain above threw a rope

A day fine’ly came raining happy bird tears, as love ‘twas no more just a dream

At last her long lonely life started to change – this solo bird was now a team

For that afternoon lonely soaring the clouds, she could not believe her sad eyes

A kind handsome sparrow flew right next to her, almost knocking her out of the sky

He looked right at her as her feathers now blushed, and with a grin said “wanna chat?

She jokingly answered “wait do you mean chirp?”, and laughing he said “I meant that”

Alas stars aligned for this sparrow, once sad – true happiness came overnight

Their small chirping children filled her lonely nest, and each evening she thanked that day’s flight

Should ever you feel that you’re sad or alone, just try to remember one thing

This one lonely sparrow beat life’s endless storm – and all Winters will one day turn Spring

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