Worry Not, We’ll Work it Out

I know you’re having second thoughts about some things you thought you knew

And that you maybe want a break because you need to think things through

Understand I get it, love, but if you’ll grant me this one chance

I’d like to try to ease your mind considering the circumstance

Love in life worth keeping is so hard to find, there’s no shortcut

But if you need some time just know I’ll still be here, no matter what

My mind is made, no feelings fade, they’re burning brighter every day

Those butterflies we caught together remind us that we’ll be okay

Take your time, take all you need, your happiness is mine you see

And if you’re smiling so am I, no matter what that means for me

Find me when your mind is mended, once you’re free from fear or doubt

I know that we’ll get through this, love – because we always work it out

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