Love, Lost

We’ve all learned through our lives

That some things aren’t meant to last

Yet often we all look back

To our looming, lin’gring past

The good, the bad, the ugly

For better or for worse

Its always deep inside us

Both blessing and a curse

The ones we loved, we grew with

They truly held our heart

Although you’ve both moved on now

Your souls, they don’t depart

For those we love stay with us

And really never leave

Remaining deep inside us

The threads of life they weave

Oft my thoughts will wander

On times, though long ago

To ones I fiercely cared for

On times, both glee and woe

So many things I’d take back

If only life would let

If only time allowed me

So much, I still regret

And though these feelings haunt me

My heart, its stronger still

For greatness lies before us

And love, it always will

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