My Curse

Friends, listen and learn

For I genuinely yearn

To write this in honesty’s verse

These lines shall all show

Depths of mind, as it goes

Please, come step inside of my curse

A brain that won’t stop

As my thoughts try to mop

All this clutter of wonder and word

I so wish it weren’t so

That it’s grip would let go

And my head weren’t so shaken and stirred

But at times, I find pause

When consid’ring my cause

Of living the life of a psalm

Try to make this world great

Amidst all of the hate

And achieve all these dreams for my Mom

Perhaps this cursed mind

After all, isn’t blind

Might have purpose, and meaning is there

Will we crack life’s cruel code?

Least of all, you’ve now rode

In my mind, so torn and ensnared

Yet I’d bet all I own

That I’m not all alone

That many, or all, know this tale

If your mind is your worst

Mortal enemy, cursed

Then together, my friend, we’ll prevail

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