Love, Lost

We’ve all learned through our lives That some things aren’t meant to last Yet often we all look back To our looming, lin’gring past The good, the bad, the ugly For better or for worse Its always deep inside us Both blessing and a curse The ones we loved, we grew with They truly held … More Love, Lost

The Awards Show

Honey, hit the makeup! My dear, we need to go We’re running late already We’re gonna miss the show! Don’t worry hun, we’ll make it, Get seated just in time We’ll see who gets awarded, We’ll see who reads the line Phew, we fine’ly made it! We’ve worked hard all our life Don’t you think … More The Awards Show

The Puggle Fish

Mr Puggle Fish Quietly swimming, all alone Through a sea of madness and blue A tiny creature sighs to itself And wishes it’s dreams would come true “What’s wrong?” You might ask “What makes this fish sad?” “Oh why does this creature feel blue?” It’s simple, my friend This fish is alone Just one, out … More The Puggle Fish