The Puggle Fish

“Mr. Puggle Fish”

Quietly swimming in search of the one

Through a sea of madness and gloom

A tiny creature sighs to itself

Wishing it’s dreams would come true

“What’s wrong?” You might ask

“What makes this fish sad?”

“Oh why does this creature feel blue?”

It’s simple, my friend

This fish is alone

Just one, out looking for two

Struggling, searching, with tears in its eyes

The creature has only one wish

To someday be whole, to one day be loved

To find it a Miss Puggle Fish

“How sad!” You will say

“This cannot be so!”

“We must find a two to his one”

You’re right, I would add

So what do we do?

Oh what can be did or be done?

Well while he was swimming, darting about

Our Puggle swam into a girl

Who stopped on the spot, and lovingly thought

“He’s cute, let’s give him a whirl!”

“At last!” We all cheer

Our fish has found love

He’s filled that small void in his soul

Alas, all my friends

This Puggle Fish tale

Illuminates life’s greatest goal


“Mrs. Puggle Fish”

They swim and they swim

The her, and the him

The Puggles, the mister and miss

They catch a quick bite

Swim under moonlight

And seal their new love with a kiss

“About time!” We all say

As we watch the fish play

Their chances, they once seemed so small

But now we all know

As Puggle Fish show,

True love, it comes to us all

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