The Awards Show

Honey, hit the makeup!
My dear, we need to go
We’re running late already
We’re gonna miss the show!

Don’t worry hun, we’ll make it,
Get seated just in time
We’ll see who gets awarded,
We’ll see who reads the line

Phew, we fine’ly made it!
We’ve worked hard all our life
Don’t you think we earned it?
This night to call “our night”?

But wait! Wheres Mr. Goodman?
Doesn’t everybody know,
He’ll be the most awarded
The crowd will love him so!

Well while the rest were prepping,
And rehearsing all about
Mr Goodman wasn’t dressing,
He was helping homeless out

For him the show is pointless
A useless spin and swirl
For him what really matters
Is helping in the world

Time out! For all you readers
I must tell you what comes next
For people, there are two types
They’re simple, read this text

Type one likes praise and status,
Congratulate him so
For all that really matters
Is pride and vain ego

But type two differs somewhat
They just want all to be well
The things they say are real, friend
The lies they need not sell

So as you finish reading,
My point, do not contort
Dead serious I am when
I tell you, life is short

We only get this one chance
To make life worth the time
A brief and dwindling moment
To live, to love, to rhyme

So think of how you’re happy
And what truly matters so
Then grab the most you can, friend
And don’t ever let it go

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