Hello! My friendly friend

Please, lend me just one ear

This story must be told

This true tale you must hear

For back when life just started 

Long ago when things begun

There were but only two things

The universe’s wheel had spun

These two things fought and bickered

Until there came a day

A third thing tried to hurt them

And take their lives away

So helping one another

The two things formed a plan

To rid themselves of others

And join forces hand in hand

As the three were fighting

Another joined the fun

It tried to rule them all

But three things had turned to one

Helping all around them

They’d almost won the fight 

‘Till the fifth came in to battle

So the four grouped all their might

They fought off this new creature 

They knew soon six shall arrive

Come in from out of nowhere 

And force truce to stay alive

The truce made these things realize 

That these fights were really dumb

And standing strong together

Beats waging war as one

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