Someone, somewhere, will make millions off of me How you ask? Well I will task Assign some things that you should read There is a lot That I have got To offer to your repertoire And if you take a chance on me I guarantee I’ll make you more More than what? I’m glad you … More Tides

Love & Loss: 4

July, 1943. Sicily. I can’t wait to see her again. Adalasia. Such a beautiful name. The dry spots on her hands told me that she was one that was willing to take on the burden of work. She was the first to volunteer her service, making sure none that followed had anything that needn’t be … More Love & Loss: 4

I need a literary agent

Sometimes there’s an unmistakable instinct where you look at someone and realize – they’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish (x). Consider this one of those instances. There is much I would like to accomplish with my writing, but it’s difficult to blindly attempt to continue without the guidance of someone versed in the industry. … More I need a literary agent