The Time Has Come To Market

Well, now that I’m done with book # 2, I can start committing time and energy into something other than actually writing. Marketing, here we go.

Its funny to realize throughout this process of becoming a writer how many stages there are. First, you think to yourself : Man, I bet its hard to write a book. Then you write it. Afterwards, your next thoughts are: Geez, it sure is hard to find a publisher. Then you find a publisher and your book becomes available to anyone willing to read it. Which, of course, leads you to the hardest part. The part you didn’t think about before you wrote it. Well, I finally made it here. Now how do I get people to read my book? 

Great question. My first inclination is to tell myself that this is going to require an inordinate amount of perseverance. I’m fully aware this isn’t going to happen overnight. Its going to take ingenuity. How can I reach the highest number of people in the most efficient manner possible? What’s the best way to market not only my book, but myself as an author?  Because you never know what other opportunities await out there in the world.

I find myself asking these questions constantly. Its like there’s an incessant itch for which I can’t find the correct scratch. And I suppose that’s a good thing, because it means I’ll continue to try until I get it right. So far I’ve been more focused on writing and hashing out the story than actually marketing it. So outside of my immediate social network, not much has been done. I suppose now I need to do something about that.

One thing I will say is that this blog has granted me access to some absolutely wonderful people. The internet is a wonderful thing, indeed. I hope one day I find myself on the other side of this equation, where I can point an up-and-comer to the path I took myself.

Oh, speaking of which:

Continuity on Amazon

Continuity on Google

Continuity on iTunes

Continuity on Barnes & Noble


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