I need a literary agent

Sometimes there’s an unmistakable instinct where you look at someone and realize – they’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish (x). Consider this one of those instances.

There is much I would like to accomplish with my writing, but it’s difficult to blindly attempt to continue without the guidance of someone versed in the industry. Have I taken writing classes? No. All I do is stream consciousness. I write what I think, nothing more. And I could certainly use a hand.
It would be nice to have someone to guide me, I have to be honest. I’ve entered a world where I’m in way over my head, and a little help would be more than welcome. So if anyone stumbles upon this and happens to know someone, by all means feel free to let me know. Because I’m flying by the seat of my pants at the moment, and that’s not really a very cool feeling.

Here I am, waiting. Patiently waiting.

7 thoughts on “I need a literary agent

  1. Hi there, I am finishing up my undergrad in English, but I have to say that I do not think taking formal classes will help you beyond making you practice and exposing you to genres you may not have been acquainted with. I have found the podcast, “Writing Excuses,” to be an incredible help. In regards to finding an agent, I have had more luck going to conventions and meeting people, than simply by querying alone. I hope this helps, and that you are having a wonderful day.

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      1. I think there are writing groups there. I’m in Australia and we have Australian Society of Writers who list writing groups around the country. Perhaps you could check out similarly in USA. I understand Seattle has a very strong literary scene perhaps they could point you in the right direction.Good luck.


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