Work in Progress

Someone told me “Find a wife and settle down” I looked at them and said “Okay, why don’t we talk and break this down” They cleared their throat and said “Ahem. Here is the righteous path of man” I cleared my own and said “Hold on. What if I’m not like all all of them?” … More Work in Progress

The Revolt Returns: 8

“Hey, what was the name of that new girl again? You know, the brown haired Lenghornian with the exquisite…personality?” Back in Spam’s newly reconstructed Tower of Management, Will the Wolf ponders the assets of a Lenghornian newcomer with Chilian manservent, Quesadilla. “I know not, my Lord.” Quesadilla replies. “I am but a lowly Chilian. Our … More The Revolt Returns: 8

The Revolt Returns: 7

shhhhhhh letusoutofthisstupidjaryouslickhairedmaniac shhhhhhh Back in the Lenghornian village, Dustin the Determined is carrying around his jar of wisps like a trophy. Easily entertained, he looks at them with the grin of a school boy looking at his first bowl of sea monkeys. “Ha!” He laughs. “Stupid wisps. Bet you wish you hadn’t made fun of … More The Revolt Returns: 7

The Revolt Returns: 6

“Quesadilla! Why is there no salt on my swine?!” Far to the East, the realm’s new manager Spam shouts at her brainless Chilian manservant. Despite her managerial commitment to Lenghorn, she has diabolically crafted an alter-ego which, in her spare time, she utilizes to control the activities of the Lenghornian’s rivals. “Apologies, my liege,” the … More The Revolt Returns: 6

The Revolt Returns: 5

Ommmmmmm…… Ommmmmmm…… High above the Eastern mountains, the eerie chants of the Chilians can be heard.They are monks, a strange religious group who gain their deep understanding of the universe by basking themselves in the slightly spicy salsa that is provided upon the table greet. The Lenghornians have spent a long time battling internally, relentlessly … More The Revolt Returns: 5

My Good Friend Johnny The Slick-Handed: A True Tale of Inebriated Halloween Hilarity 

I’ve always heard that it’s the quiet ones you need to look out for. You know the type – those soft-spoken, mysterious ones who are tough to get a read on. That sly snake in the grass that no one sees coming. Widely known as individuals of few words, it makes their voice seem all … More My Good Friend Johnny The Slick-Handed: A True Tale of Inebriated Halloween Hilarity