The Revolt Returns: 5



High above the Eastern mountains, the eerie chants of the Chilians can be heard.They are monks, a strange religious group who gain their deep understanding of the universe by basking themselves in the slightly spicy salsa that is provided upon the table greet.

The Lenghornians have spent a long time battling internally, relentlessly trying to iron out the most fair forms of management. And their sacrifices have not gone unrewarded. No, not at all. For the Lenghornian’s have braved the oppression of those such as Slobert the Magnificent. They have cheered as they overcame the wicked District Manager. They persevered and came through when time were toughest as they slaughtered their way through the treachery of Slug and Kelsey. Now, they face another foe. A foe that they have not yet seen. For the Chilians have colluded with the manager known as Spam, a new insider and force known to practice espionage. Spam sits upon her managerial throne, cackling as the Lenghornians unwittingly think they have won the fight. They have no idea what is in store. No, not at all.


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