I know you’re independent And I know that’s what I said but Then our journey started I’m so sorry, guess I lied I know that you can open Your own doors, but now I’m holding This one for you, so forgive me But hey, at least I tried That’s just how my mother raised me … More Blossom


Roses are red Violets are blue These feels, unfamiliar And they’re all due to you They stay when you’re gone Long after you’ve left I fear I’m a victim Of some sort of thought-theft Though despite the discomfort And these feelings, so new ‘Tis the first time in forever I’ve felt that they’re true Please … More Roses

A Friend’s Proposal

Love. Is there a better feeling? I think not. We all long for that warm, fuzzy sensation that we get from having someone reciprocate compassion and affection. Its a funny thing, love. It has countless definitions and interpretations. Its helped forge empires and destroy civilizations. Love and affection are what sets us apart from the … More A Friend’s Proposal