A Friend’s Proposal


Is there a better feeling? I think not. We all long for that warm, fuzzy sensation that we get from having someone reciprocate compassion and affection. Its a funny thing, love. It has countless definitions and interpretations. Its helped forge empires and destroy civilizations. Love and affection are what sets us apart from the majority of the animal kingdom (I still argue that certain animals are capable, but I digress).

A friend of mine sent me a very interesting article the other day, which I found somewhat accurate. You can read it here. It essentially lays out the reasoning and progression behind the different types of love we experience throughout life. Now obviously you might have more or less than 3 in the course of your lifetime, but the sentiment of the article resonated with me quite substantially. Its a good read if you have time. That said, I should get to the point of this post.

I saw my very first proposal this week!!

Waiting for the newly betrothed

Actually, I was lucky enough to be apart of it as well. One of the managers (Doug) at the restaurant I work told my lady friend (Jessica) that he planned on proposing to his girlfriend (Sarah) this past Sunday under the enormous Christmas tree at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. So knowing it would be a cool thing to do, Jessica invited me along to catch the moment so they would have something to look back on forever.

So after picking Jessica up, we made the chilly walk to the hotel after parking in the adjacent mall’s parking lot (no thank you $18 valet). We then trekked through the hotel’s interior (something you really need to do if you visit Nashville during the holidays) and made our way to the gigantic tree. There we sat, awaiting Doug, his son Kohen, and his soon-to-be fiance Sarah.

She said yes!

Sure enough, after a short while, we see the trio waltzing up underneath the hanging gardens of the Delta Atrium. So, having it all planned out, we pretend to have run into each other and he asks Jessica to take a photo. I told him I would take one as well, but of course I was filming it the whole time.

Kohen was as excited as his Daddy

It was a very emotional experience for all parties involved. I’d never seen anyone propose before, and as they were standing in front of us while Jess took the faux pictures, I couldn’t help but notice Doug’s expression. I could almost see the wheels turning in his head, knowing he was about to dedicate the rest of his life to someone. It was a look of elation – something I hope everyone gets to feel at some point in their lives. Perhaps the most heart-wrenching part, unexpectedly, was how excited his son looked at he witnessed what happened before him. His eyes lit up brighter than the Christmas lights illuminating the walkway. I could tell he knew exactly what was going on.

Group pic after the s’prise

All in all, it was an incredible experience. Seeing the foundation be laid for a union that will last a lifetime is quite moving, indeed.

Congratulations to you and yours, my friend. You got a great one!

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