I know you’re independent

And I know that’s what I said but

Then our journey started

I’m so sorry, guess I lied

I know that you can open

Your own doors, but now I’m holding

This one for you, so forgive me

But hey, at least I tried

That’s just how my mother raised me

She said “go on, find your daisy”

Pick the prettiest, the wittiest

Then she paused, sat down and cried

“She’ll bring life” my mother told me

That last night she’d ever hold me

And like always, what she told me

It was the truth, I must confide

“Find the one”, she said

“Out there waiting, just ahead”

“You say it’s all just tales”

“But she is real, the perfect bride”

I know you’re independent

But I hope now that you get it

Come on in, the door is open

Let’s walk together, side by side

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