Rest is what my mind desires I see the redness, and the fires I care not what they think of me My thoughts confine what should be free A puzzle piece that doesn’t fit No matter what I do to it It’s odd how heat can cause such chill It’s never matched, and never will … More Lines

Keep the Prayers

Keep the prayers, I request, to your own faithful self. They’re distant to me, meant for somebody else. I was close to your God, admittedly you see, until he ripped me apart; abandoning me. I’m told “There’s always a reason”. Yeah, well I disagree. No purpose is found in response to my plea. His “love” … More Keep the Prayers

For Her

Tonight it hurts  The pain it sears I’m all alone I’m dripping tears I miss her so My empty grasp Tries reaching out  Yet nothing lasts I hate the hurt  With everything Im here, now God I’m listening  Speak up, it’s time To make your play This pain I want  To go away If you’re … More For Her