*Important Disclaimer*

This poem addresses suicide, and in no way promotes the voluntary premature ending of one’s life. This is written with the sole purpose of reaching out to those who have struggled, to help them understand that there are countless others who relate. Despite what you may be going through, know that you are not alone.

If you ever feel suicidal, never forget that you are loved, and that resources are available to you which can help.

Be strong. I promise it will get better. Your life means more than you could ever imagine.



Last Farewell

For every start, there is an end

We knew this all along, my friend

I say this to the ones I’ll miss

Please do not cry – I wanted this

I fine’ly put my thoughts at ease

To join the wind, the grass, and trees

My mind no longer feels such pain

As now I dance under the rain

If I can leave one thing behind

Please, let it be my peace of mind

Let go of all that causes stress

Don’t let them say you must confess

Live without regret, or fear

For no one knows when ends are near

Sing the songs you want to sing

The castles yours, Queen or King

Do the things you wish to do

Love this world, for it loves you

Write a story you can tell

Like mine, my friend, my last farewell

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