Baxter Has a Bed

Baxter Has a Bed

Mr Baxter has a bed

It’s magical, the God dogs said

For he can take his bone, you hear?

And make that thing just disappear

How did you get that so tucked in?

What sorcery is this? Such sin

I gave the rawhide for your teeth

But now it’s buried underneath?

I am not joking, you get that, right?

I really want to know tonight

How you used your small dog head

And hid that bone inside your bed

The corners, sure, they puff right out

But that’s not what I’m talkin’ bout

Okay, maybe they’re kind of soft

And your idea just went aloft

You took the thing and buried it

Between the fluffy piece of knit

And Lo behold, it went away

Dangit Baxter…just sit. Just lay.

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