Heed Me, Lord

You don’t want to talk, you say?

Sorry, that’s regrettable

Things reside inside my mind that are unforgettable

So deal with it, you piece of it – it happened, it won’t go away

Every mem’ry, every image, like it was just yesterday

Maybe some forgot the things you did because their minds are small

Prodigious is my recollection of the past, I’ve saved it all

Sweeping sins of substance hoping silent carpets say no more

There’s so much behind that hidden, darkened shadow on your door

Tell me now

Look in my eye

How were things when she had died?

Nothing ever bothers you, you only try to save today

You don’t have a soul to speak of, all you have are words you say

Actions matter, not your breath

Maybe you can think of that when you are fine’ly put to death

Listen to me clearly now, I will not say this one more time

My love for her fuels every vessel that I use to climb and climb

Every day, I crawl away, away from all the holes you made

Looking forward to the life that she would want me to engrave

That’s it, I guess

There’s nothing left

There’s nothing left to air, my Lord

I only ask one thing of you

Let my convictions be my sword

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