We Are One

Though you are gone, I won’t forget

For you are still among us, yet

Whispering your wise old words

As I sit listening, among the birds

I look to you. Look up, you see?

I stand before you on my knee

Grateful for the words you gave

On how to love, how to behave

Tacitus, I know you not

Yet you are here, and not forgot

Socrates, I love you so

How did you know what things I know?

Aristotle, close to heart

For when time rips us all apart

It’s saddening, it’s tragedy

That this world seems it cannot see

Cassius, the Medici

It’s you who I have wished to be

Shoulders of the giants come

Like fathers speaking to their son

You all live on, I swear to you

And though I know not what to do

You’re here with me, I feel your hand

Guiding me to our new land

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