So many people, right and left

Thinking they’re so bright and deft

If you know what’s played, the game

You know that they’re all the same

One says this

Two says that

Both wear the same tattered hat

“Here’s what I think!”

“Shut him out!”

“He knows not what he speaks about!”

Politicians posing poised to play the part they posture in

Knowing that they’re nothing more than hollow vessels filled with sin

Give the people what they need, show them all your false facades

Take this Ouiji board – go pray to your weird, horned fake gods

People know you now, you know?

And they’ve bought tickets to this show

It does not matter what you do

We are awake and onto you

This is the start of what’s to come

And when we look back when we’re done

The truth will rear it’s cold, dark head

Mark my words, each one I’ve said

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