For Her

Tonight it hurts 

The pain it sears

I’m all alone

I’m dripping tears

I miss her so

My empty grasp

Tries reaching out 

Yet nothing lasts

I hate the hurt 

With everything

Im here, now God

I’m listening 

Speak up, it’s time

To make your play

This pain I want 

To go away

If you’re there 

You listen true

Make it known

Cause I need you

This ask is real

It matters not

What others think 

Or others thought

I have to know

Where are you God

This hurt won’t heal 

Please, just a nod

So come to me

Come prove it’s you 

Cause faithfully 

It just won’t do 

I’m waiting God

Care not to die

My heart is bursting

You did this, why 

What lesson am I 

Supposed to know

Please justify

This pain, this blow

I hate it, God

There’s nothing gained

Just emptiness 

It’s cruel, deranged 

Is this what you want for me?

This hurt, this hate, this pain I see?

Grant me strength, I swear and cry

I’ll live for her until I die 

2 thoughts on “For Her

  1. Wow, this is so incredibly beautiful and powerful. You do a great job expressing your what you’re feeling. I’m sorry you are in so much pain.
    I can really relate to emotions expressed here, especially the line where you ask God why he did this. I’ve asked God that so many times throughout my life.
    Thank you for your beautiful poem. I wish you healing and better days to come

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