The Lenghornian Revolt: pt 3

The day following the epic Return of the Fairies, the Lenghornian servers regroup at the House of Back.

“Alright guys, so how are we gonna get this dust on top of our managers heads? It will no doubt require the utmost planning and skill.” asks Thomas, Lord of the Shouting Expos.

“Good question.” The new guy who no one knows his name replies. “Maybe one of the ferrys could fly it up to the Tower of Management and sprinkle it on them whilst they slumber.”

Reappearing from beyond the blue mist of the refrigerator closet, Ashli, Queen of the House of Back joins the conversation. “Um, it’s ‘fairies’, Mr. No One Knows Your Name. A ‘Ferry’ is what you take to cross the overflowing River of Dirty Dishes. And no,” she adds, “this is a quest that must be completed by mortals. One of you brave deliverers of food must accomplish this task alone.”

“But we can’t fly!” Jessica B and W cry, panning the group to see which females feel threatened by the fact that other attractive dames have joined the team. “However will we make it to the top of the Tower undetected?!”

“We shall have to figure out an alternative.” Bernard, the alpha server asserts. “We will get that dust on those managers heads if it’s the last thing we ever do!” He shouts.

“Oh Bernard! Whatever would we do without your bravery!” Several of the female servers sigh, gleaming at the dark, smooth complexion of his armor.

“Worry not, my companions.” He replies. “I shall do what is required. It will be nothing but an honor if I am to sacrifice my life for the sake of the realm.”

Interrupting the huddle, Slug, a Lenghornian assistant manager waltzes into the House of Back to check on whether or not the servers are doing their jobs.

“Loyal subjects!” He exclaims, “Who among you dare to plot against my superiors!”

GASP! The group takes in a loud breath of air as they realize their plot has been compromised.

“But Slug! It is you whom so many of us get along with! Please! You must help us obtain our freedom from the oppressive regime of the Tower of Management!!” Squeaks Summer, perhaps the favorite server amongst the team. “How ever did you become aware of our plan?”

“Aye,” Slug declares, “There is a traitor amongst you! For one of you has passed along the information you discuss privately to the local manager! But worry not, for you are right, my fair lady. I shall lend whatever assistance I can in order to complete this monumental challenge.”

“Then it is decided!” Connie, Queen of the House of Front announces. “I hereby declare Bernard Knight of the Realm, along with Slug, Lord of the Faithful Minions! Minions – prepare for battle!!” She adds, flying away into the blue mist of the refrigerator.

“You heard her!” Chris, the uplifter of moods shouts. “Despite our differences, we stand united! Prepare for battle!!!!”

“HUZZAH!!” The servers yell in unison, heading to their quarters to sharpen their weapons and polish their armor.”

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