The Lenghornian Revolt: pt 4

As dawn sweeps over dusk on the morning of the Battle, the Lenghornian servers and fairies huddle together to plan their assault on the Tower of Management. 

“My fellow servers!” Bernard the Knight bellows, “Today is the day we honor our forefathers! We must earn back the right to serve freely, and rip apart the Chains of Meaningless Rules that bind us down! The Chains are hidden below the Tower of Management, deep under the Dish Pit of Despair.”

“Not the Dish Pit of Despair!” Pip, the beautiful hostess with the mostess cries. “No one has ever returned from there alive!”

“It is true.” Bernard says. “But alas, one among you must accept responsibility for this task, as it will prove crucial to our success.”

Taking a deep breath, Mike, the Tender of Bars steps forwards.

“I accept this quest.” He says, kneeling before the fairies, who are floating in front of the group. “I will use my superior intellect to outsmart the guards, thus gaining entry to the Dish Pit of Despair. I will then apply the Golden Towell of Cleanliness to wash away the Chains of Meaningless Rules. 

“Perfect!” Connee the fairy yells. “This will provide a welcome distraction for our Knight to scale the Tower of Management, sprinkling the Prairie Dust on the unexpecting heads of our oppressive managers!”

Clapping and cheering, the servers roar in anticipation of the battle to come. 

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