The Lenghornian Revolt: pt 5


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While the servers are busy planning their assault on The Tower of Management, the scheming managers are vigorously coming up with their own plan to defend their oppressive reign.

“My liege!” Yells Gay, another of the assistant managers. “Our informant has sent a dispatch stating that our subordinates intend to lay siege to our keep!”

“Fools!” The district manager shrieks. “How little these peasants know. For we have a secret weapon capable of crushing their assault easier than swatting the gnats by the drink station!”

“Please, my lord, tell me of this secret weapon!” The ass. manager replies.

“His name is Matt.” The district manager sneers. “He claims to try and help the servers, when in reality he is just as much our puppet as the others!! We shall unleash him upon our attackers the instant they lay siege to our gates. Muahahahah!!”

“A brilliant plan!” Gay cheers. “But sir, we have also caught wind that they intend to wash away the Chains of Meaningless Rules!”

“Blasphemy!” The angered district manager shouts. “We must break this wind. Those chains were bestowed on us straight from the Gods of Corporate! They are stronger than any other chains in the realm! Let them try.” He adds with a sinister smile.

“Of course, master.” The ass. manager says, creepily rubbing his hands together.  “Then we are prepared. I look forward to destroying our enemies with impunity.”

“Muahahahaha!!” The managers cackle together.

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