The Written Word and Our Future

It’s no secret that our society has become digitized. The days of backyard baseball are gradually being replaced by backyard Pokemon hunts or other “augmented reality” applications. E-sports are on the rise, with millions tuning into services such as Twitch and YoutTube to literally watch people play video games.

Sure, there’s still some dirt being kicked up at the local ballpark, but overall, were sliding into a digital world. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing, considering the access to information that it brings along with it.

But one thing will always remain my favorite medium of entertainment: the written word. Don’t get me wrong, I like movies and video games just as much as anyone, but nothing provides a truly limitless experience like reading can.

When you read, you use your own imagination. You are in control of how to interpret the environment, the characters, the story, and so on. It is quite literally exercise for your creative mind. And the more you stretch your creative mind, the more imaginative you can become, much like going to the gym.

There will always be a certain degree of respect for the written word. It was our first method of recording our history and sharing our stories. As we developed technologically, we discovered new ways to communicate, but there’s something about the raw element of writing that makes it such an irreplaceable phenomenon. Words written thousands of years ago still resonate today in the form of countless documents and manuscripts.

Sometimes I wonder what a civilization thousands of years from now would find if they dug up a site of our modern society. In all likelihood, I imagine the same thing that has persevered in our own historical record would continue to be the same stuff that future humans will dig up – written words and architecture. Usually, when we find something from ages and ages ago, its the language and writings of whatever civilization we happen to stumble upon. So the written word is basically how we’ve crafted our history. Everything we know about ancient civilizations is based upon information obtained from various writers.

Its cool to think about, don’t you think? Sometimes I wonder what would happen if another species were to come to Earth after our extinction. What would they think of us? What would we leave behind? What legacies and or atrocities would they witness as they look back at our societal timeline?

This stuff matters. Unfortunately, I don’t think we get that. We’re too caught up in our assigned lifestyles to understand the bigger picture (I’m getting off topic, I know). We wake up and play the role that we’ve given ourselves. Banker, server, CEO, whatever – its become the status quo of our culture. We’re fed useless news daily by a media that’s set out to tame people, just like those tigers you see at the circus. Everything is conditioned within the constructs of this society we’ve created. Its made people predictable. I don’t know if anyone fully understands this, but our forefathers wanted us to be free. Like, completely. Free as in ole Johnny can walk his dog wherever he wants while smoking a joint out in the open.

That would be freedom. But throughout the 300 or so years we’ve spent writing and rewriting law after law after law…we’ve pretty much put ourselves back where we started. People are oppressed, people are impoverished, and people are frustrated. And we’re still sitting here thinking we have no choice but to vote for one devil or the other.

Dangerous talk? Perhaps. But its gotta happen at some point, because right now things just aren’t right. We’re so controlled and the vast majority don’t even realize it. And perhaps the saddest part is that people will read this and still think that there’s nothing we can do to fix things.

Want to create a race war? Easy! Have the news start running stories on white on black crime. I bet that’ll rile them up. Want to make people mad about civil rights?   Why don’t we just run a few stories on transgender bathrooms!  That’ll get their attention while we go do some super messed up stuff overseas. That’s not news, obviously.

At the end of the day, I think we need to realize how manipulated we all are. Its time to start opening our minds to reality.

The planet we occupy didn’t start out as some gridlocked border system. We’re animals, folks. Just like our dogs. We’re all in this together. We just happen to be smarter than our planetary cohorts.

I think we’re approaching a time where our society realizes this and has a lesser need for “leadership”. As I’ve said before, the internet has brought us all together as a collective unit, and eventually there will be no need to elect people to make our decisions for us. We can make them ourselves. I imagine this kind of revolution is right around the corner, given the ridiculously awful numbers our current candidates are showing. No matter who wins, there’s going to be millions of people that will be super pissed off either way. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some sort of uprising in the near future. Its sort of funny to talk about, but looking back – that’s pretty much how things have always worked. All great empires came to an end, and its looking like America might be next on the list for a social “reform”. I just hope it can be done peacefully.

Something’s gotta give soon, because I’m pretty sure we all feel the tension that’s just begging to be released. This political season has riled some super high tempers.

The only way we’ll get through it is together : )

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