Why I Love Writing


It’s the most important interpersonal skill one can have. The quality of our relationships is effectively dictated by our ability to articulate the various ideas and concepts in our heads. We have a thought, and then we attempt to communicate that thought through language. This applies to every single interaction we have with people.

Most often, speech is the outlet we use. We have face to face conversations, speak on the phone, what have you. The issue that exists when we use the method of speech is that there are other cues a person is perceiving in addition to what we are saying. They read into our body language. Our tone. Even facial expressions. All of these things can result in a misconstrued interpretation of the thoughts we are attempting to articulate.

This is why I love writing so much. When you write, there is no possibility that other stimuli will negate or twist your points. The words are there, nothing more.

Another reason I love it is because its one of the best ways to leave a legacy. Historically, people were remembered through certain mediums: word of mouth, paintings, or written records. Of course now we have other methods of remembrance – photos, videos, audio recordings etc. But to me, the best way to be remembered is through your words. It gives people the best insight into how you think, what you value, and who you are. They say a picture says a thousand words, but in my opinion – the only way to say a thousand words, is to actually say a thousand words.

One thing I think writing can do is paint the most accurate picture of the type of person someone is. If you were to keep a journal, for example, and go back and read it – you would learn quite a lot about yourself. You can see what things matter to you, what occupies your thoughts, and what you desire in life. It really is a fascinating thing to do, because its almost as if you’re perceiving your own personality in the third person.

Writing is, in my humble opinion, the most effective way to communicate. People should do it more often.

3 thoughts on “Why I Love Writing

  1. That’s a very valid point. I suppose the intent of the writer is ultimately what dictates who they are. Which, as you stated, can be very difficult to discern, just as it can sometimes be hard during face to face conversations.

    On that end, I think being able to read people is probably the second most important characteristic after being able to communicate. Thank you for the good feedback : )


  2. I really like this post, although writing can also be a very effective way to be exactly who you are not. I. fact. there is a quote circulating that says something to the effect that writing is societally condoned schizophrenia. Looking forward to reading more.


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