There’s a very particular reason my dog is the featured image of this post: he’s never, ever let me down.

Being let down is probably one of the worst feelings in the human condition. There’s just something about it that cuts deep into our psyche when someone we thought was in our corner turns their back on us.

Sadly enough, we all do it from time to time. People have many influences in their lives, and oftentimes these influences have conflicting agendas when it comes to our best interests. We all occasionally do things to hurt, anger, and disappoint the people in our lives whom we claim to love.

Personally, I would rather be told I’ve made someone mad than be told I’ve disappointed them. I don’t know why, but there’s something about letting a person down that’s worse than angering them. Remorse, as it were, is an emotion that can eat at us more than any other.

Perhaps even worse than disappointing someone we love, however, is when we disappoint ourselves. We sometimes do things we know we shouldn’t, knowing in the back of our heads that our choices violate our values or beliefs. It’s a harsh reality of human nature – and one that can make it difficult to look in a mirror.

Thankfully, being aware of this can help us overcome the urges and tendencies to act selfishly. It’s important for us to be vigilant when faced with decisions that we know can adversely effect those we love.

Always treat people well and concern yourself with the feelings of those close to you – because our character and moral fiber are the most important components which dictate who we are.

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