THC – Let’s Talk About It

So today I read an interesting exchange which sparked a very intriguing perspective.

I noticed on Facebook how there were certain people complaining about a certain tax going up in the Greater Nashville area, and how it was going to  affect families,etc.

And then I thought about that.

So apparently Nashville has an issue. An issue that’s causing them to increase taxes. Okay, fair enough. After all, taxes are supposed to be what we all collectively chip in so we can all collectively benefit, right? We shouldn’t mind them to a certain degree. It’s “fair”.

But then we reach a certain point where its not so fair anymore. We start getting taxed for expenses that maybe most of us don’t even support. So what can we do to mitigate this problem? There are two solutions. One, simply don’t spend money on things we don’t all actually need. Like sports stadiums, etc. Those aren’t necessary for actual survival, they’re luxuries. Or, option two, would be to find the funding some other way. Perhaps a new tax?

I say yes. Option 2. Because you wanna know something TN could benefit enormously from? Tax revenue on marijuana. After all, other states are already doing it. So why aren’t we? We’re letting our old ways, thoughts, and standards get in the way of our own literal progress. In other words, we’re bottle necking ourselves. And other states are laughing at us as we do so.

Some people who read this are probably going to be taken aback, because we’re accustomed to the notion that THC is “illegal”. I would say to those individuals that you should try to think of this from a different perspective. After all, legality and morality are two very different and independent concepts. It used to be “legal” to lynch people of color, for crying out loud.

This isn’t meant to be a hippy “end the drug war” legalization post. This is an honest economic perspective from a guy who actually has a degree in economics. We are literally missing an enormous amount of revenue and funding that we could apply in SOOOO many great ways is we would just let go of this stupid “if you smoke pot you’re evil” mentality.

And America thinks we can fix the world? Let’s get our own priorities straight first.

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