An Address to the World Concerning the Ford/Kavanaugh Debate

I’m going to attempt something that may never have been attempted since the dawn of humanity: I am going to try and bridge this ridiculous divide and help people see this Ford/Kavanaugh thing from both sides. While I’m pretty sure this ain’t gonna change anything and everyone is still gonna throw rocks at each other, at least I can sleep knowing I tried.
Get comfy, because this is gonna take a minute. But this is a very important issue, and imo one that we SHOULD spend the time considering.
So, to:
First, try to understand the sheer magnitude of frustration and emboldened passion for their world views that most liberals and leftists are experiencing at the moment. Not only do they have no upper hand in Congress, but they recently lost one of the most emotionally charged Presidential elections in American History. Never has the general populace been exposed to the political process as intimately as we have been since the internet and mass communication entered the equation. So try and cut them some slack for being just a wee bit exasperated; any normal human being would be. It’s natural for people to speak up more aggressively/assertively when they are in a weakened position such as the current balance of power; the psychological instinct is to feel a need to defend their beliefs, which is perfectly understandable. Now I’m not saying you should put up with the hatred and vitriol a lot of liberal supporters/media outlets have been spewing, but on an individual level, try and at least get along and be considerate of the struggle when you butt heads. And let’s be fair, when Obama was in office I sure didn’t see a lot of love coming from the right, even when he did things that deserved positive recognition. If the tables were turned, I imagine many of you would be acting in a similar fashion (which is precisely what we saw from 2008-2016).
Now, as far as our current case of America’s divisive flavor of the week: the Ford allegations. Yes, the law and socially-accepted standards of judging whether someone is guilty or not is on your side. We all get that, and to my knowledge there aren’t any liberals/dems refuting that. What they ARE trying to make you understand, however, is that the simple fact that we are undergoing this process to begin with; primarily because it’s regarding a candidate for one of the most powerful positions in human history. A Supreme Court Justice has the ability to affect, and to a certain degree literally dictate, how we as citizens conduct our lives. Paying EXTREME attention to their character, reliability, and general trustworthiness is absolutely paramount when deciding if an individual is worthy of the power to tell us how we’re allowed to live. So yes, the fact that this hiccup has occurred is, in and of itself, profoundly alarming.
This is the main point of Ford’s side that you need to consider when discussing and debating this matter. Because at the end of the day, pretty much everyone falls into one of two categories: you either see past this, or you don’t. EITHER OF WHICH is a completely, rationally justifiable conclusion. It is not at all unfair for someone to say that they would prefer we find a candidate whose history is void of this kind of concern, false or not. Sure, as far as we can all legally say, it didn’t happen. But those who are shaken by the simple possibility that this MIGHT have happened is enough to keep someone up at night. After all, its not like they’re advocating we throw the guy behind bars. They’re just concerned. A reason, which you should know especially if you’ve ever hired someone before, that can be enough to move on to the next resume for some. It’s just a personal preference; nothing more.
Anyway, there are a lot of other moving parts to this side and their motives, but that’s my general take when I try to stand in your opponent’s shoes, Naughty peeps. Please be mindful of these things when you’re telling liberals they’re the devil for trying to deceive their way into power. Not everyone is as evil as we tend to make them out to be, hard as that might be to believe.
Moving on to
This won’t take as long because as I mentioned, it doesn’t take a lot of explaining when the law and society’s behavioral status quo is on your opponent’s side. Their argument is pretty easy to understand. Like it or not, the inarguable truth is that barring some kind of DNA trace, picture/non-existent-at-the-time cellphone video, or other form of empirical evidence somehow magically transporting itself through time into the hands of investigators…this ain’t gonna be provable. Even Ford herself gets that, evident through the fact that her attorneys announced that they don’t intend to refute Kav’s testimony. At the end of this week’s FBI probe, the chips will fall where they may, and life will go on.
Its pretty much that simple for Team K. They are the type of folks who view due process as the governing dictator as to how we should formulate opinions and conclusions. Again, perfectly reasonable; especially considering that the entire legal system our forefathers created for us is based upon this exact sentiment. You are innocent until proven guilty, period. Making judgments based on anything less is impermissible and an egregious violation to a dignified, fair society. The line is blurred in this instance, however, because it’s not technically a “legal” matter; it’s an interview. So the question we have to ask is can we take a concern of unsubstantiated allegations into account since this is a slightly more discretionary situation than a formal legal matter? As with all of this, your answer will reflect your own personal beliefs; there’s no black and white correct answer here.
So for you Ford folks, that’s basically what you should consider when you’re accusing Kav supporters of “mansplaining”, bigotry, etc. They are simply a different type of person than you; not the kind who let’s the existence of (you must admit) un-provable doubt bother them when weighing the merits of a candidate. A conflicting, but equally as understandable and fair as your own, world view. This does not in any way make them “insensitive”, condescending to women, or otherwise sinister. I want to be clear on that, because I have seen a ton of these kinds of comments arising out of this case. #METOO is an inexplicably important and beneficial movement, but let’s not get lost in the momentum and unjustly overextend its influence.
And that’s it, everyone. My point is that we all need to realize that human beings are a very dynamic, diverse, and different (alliteration ftw) group of individuals. The day when we all agree on everything will never arrive, much as we’d like it to. Debates such as the one we’re having right now will always hinder our ability to unite as not only a country, but a species in general. The only choice we have, if we are to ever achieve this unity thing we always hear about (which, confusingly, no one seems to ever do anything about), is to place ourselves in the minds of others and sincerely try to understand them and the forces driving their views. You’ll find that most people have honest intentions.
Oh, and speaking of sincerity. This essay was all a waste of time unless you have asked yourself this very important question: do I SINCERELY, genuinely care about any of this? Dam I truly even concerned about the grand scheme of things and people getting along? Because if we’re speaking plainly, it’s a biologically wired instinct among the Animal Kingdom to be content with our own lives and relationships, without much thought as to what’s going on outside of them. Doesn’t make you a bad person. I say this because it seems a lot of people instead just use these little pop-up conflicts as a convenient means to satisfy the need to share their own opinions, ignoring any concerns to the contrary (the satisfaction of winning Facebook tiffs must be very real, indeed). So if you’ve never looked in a mirror and asked these things, I strongly suggest you do a little soul-searching and self-discovery. Find out who you really are and what you care about; because I think we all know that the biggest lies we tend to tell are the ones we tell ourselves.
One last point. There is another group of people that none of this applies to (and tbh, the cynic in me is concerned this might actually be the majority, if social media is any indicator). These are the ones whose decisions and stances on these things are driven solely by their partisan politics and personal predispositions. No matter how much evidence, logic, or reason they are presented with; they ain’t gonna budge, because they are basically God and always right about everything, ever. These are the guys who will sooner go the grave before admitting they might be wrong about something or attempt to be more open minded. You all know who I’m talking about – those friends and acquaintances who you’ve literally never heard say “I’m sorry” in their lives. Yeah…don’t be one of them.
So to summarize every one of the almost 1,800 words you just read – for Christ’s, Allah’s, Buddha’s, Brahman’s, Vishnu’s, any other Gods I’m leaving outs, and the Universe’s sake: PLEASE try to get along. Like, really make the effort. Next time you feel the anger sharks swimming in your head, take a deep breath. Be the bigger person if someone’s being an ass and kill them with kindness. That’s how you win anyway, isn’t it? Don’t let the jerks think they said anything significant enough to affect you. Set the example they should aspire to.
There. If you made it this far, thank you for listening. If you feel inclined to share this message please do, because this is something which desperately needed to be said and we all know our media/politicians aren’t going to be advocating for the masses coming together anytime soon. If we could begin to think more along the lines mentioned here and start coming together, the power and influence we would hold as a united unit is immeasurable to the point of the world quite literally being transformed. After all, isn’t that the “change” we all like to talk about and wish for? We’ve waited long enough you guys.
This is how it happens.

THC – Let’s Talk About It

So today I read an interesting exchange which sparked a very intriguing perspective.

I noticed on Facebook how there were certain people complaining about a certain tax going up in the Greater Nashville area, and how it was going to  affect families,etc.

And then I thought about that.

So apparently Nashville has an issue. An issue that’s causing them to increase taxes. Okay, fair enough. After all, taxes are supposed to be what we all collectively chip in so we can all collectively benefit, right? We shouldn’t mind them to a certain degree. It’s “fair”.

But then we reach a certain point where its not so fair anymore. We start getting taxed for expenses that maybe most of us don’t even support. So what can we do to mitigate this problem? There are two solutions. One, simply don’t spend money on things we don’t all actually need. Like sports stadiums, etc. Those aren’t necessary for actual survival, they’re luxuries. Or, option two, would be to find the funding some other way. Perhaps a new tax?

I say yes. Option 2. Because you wanna know something TN could benefit enormously from? Tax revenue on marijuana. After all, other states are already doing it. So why aren’t we? We’re letting our old ways, thoughts, and standards get in the way of our own literal progress. In other words, we’re bottle necking ourselves. And other states are laughing at us as we do so.

Some people who read this are probably going to be taken aback, because we’re accustomed to the notion that THC is “illegal”. I would say to those individuals that you should try to think of this from a different perspective. After all, legality and morality are two very different and independent concepts. It used to be “legal” to lynch people of color, for crying out loud.

This isn’t meant to be a hippy “end the drug war” legalization post. This is an honest economic perspective from a guy who actually has a degree in economics. We are literally missing an enormous amount of revenue and funding that we could apply in SOOOO many great ways is we would just let go of this stupid “if you smoke pot you’re evil” mentality.

And America thinks we can fix the world? Let’s get our own priorities straight first.

Hate Government? Here’s a Quick Fix

If I end up dead in a ditch somewhere one day, make sure my grave says something along the lines of “Welp…at least he tried.” Because this is assuredly a very unpopular idea to a lot of people. I’m just relying on the fact that I’m currently a nobody in the grand scheme of things. Thank God for that, right?

Anyway, kidding aside.

So this evening I was engaged in one of those wonderfully entertaining Facebook conversations we’re all too familiar with and posted a comment that compelled me to write this, because I want to elaborate on the thought. There’s your disclaimer.
The post went something like this: my respected friend Nick posted something slightly leaning towards the Democratic side, to which an assumed Republican commenter replied “hypocrisy is not bound by aisle”. Cue the obligatory heated partisan dialogue. 

So, being my typical unable-to-keep-my-fingers-idle self, I responded with the following, in the midst of their back-and-forth:  

Let’s just be real here. This whole party/red blue system is antiquated and truthfully, super annoying. In fact I would even go as far as to say this entire government/society structure we still use is outdated.

We have the power to communicate with literally everyone now. We don’t really even need these old corrupt fossils telling us all what we are and aren’t allowed to do anymore. 

Hell, you want to decide if pot should be legal? Here’s an idea – make a freaking online poll with that constituency’s area. Popular vote wins. Bam. Next issue.

We have such potential for an entire new society at our fingertips and we’re still stuck in the past. It frustrates the hell out of me.

Emotionally charged? Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that. Overly simplified? Again, probably. I suppose I temporarily let my frustration of this absurd canyon-sized divide in our country get the best of me. What can I say…I’m human. But for a second, let’s think outside the box and actually consider this. 

What is the absolute fundamental, most foundational of purposes for having elected representatives? Why did we invent the concept of politicians? Because for them to exist in the first place, obviously someone, at some point, had the bright idea of creating them (someone who many of us would probably like to throat punch in retrospect, but you get my point). Easy. They were invented to discuss the various issues facing us fellow human beings, to then draft ideas, and ultimately decide the policies which dictate our reality. In the most simple terms, they were created to represent us, where we otherwise would be unable to represent ourselves.

Now, why did we, as a society, decide that this was the most appropriate, fair system? Simple. Because it was unrealistic to expect that the entire populace could participate in such discussions and decisions. We simply did not have the physical means to fit every human being in a room, spend the time talking, and then the resources to take and tally each vote to decide what the rules of humanity are. That would be absurd, obviously. So we decided that hey, why don’t we vote instead on some dude or dudette who most accurately represents the majority opinion/value system, and then ship them of to a place where other such dude/dudettes can meet, chill for awhile, argue a bunch, and then reluctantly agree on the intended laws of how to be a human. A place, incidentally, that somehow magically became closed off to the rest of us, but that’s a whole other monster I could go on about. So I’ll shut up on that for now.

But this is 2017, folks. We literally live in a time dubbed the Information Age.We have this incredible, beautifully profound ability to communicate now. We can inform ourselves and each other. We can discuss. We can debate. Throw digital rocks at each other. Then, ultimately, we can decide. Or at least we could. If we simply allowed ourselves that luxury. Instead, for some bizarre reason which I honestly cannot figure out, we have not granted ourselves that power. Instead we apparently prefer complaining and being miserable over actually doing anything. Ugh. Anyway.

So why the HELL are we still relying on detached, more-often-than-not silver spoon fed, entitled elites to dictate quite literally ALL of our realities? I’m being deadly serious, folks. WHY? Seriously. I read an article back in college (and I’m not joking) about George W one time. The writer reported that Ole Dunya walked into a grocery store as part of some press event thing to get some stuff. After he finished shopping, he literally did not recognize or even have the slightest clue as to what a self check out system was. Because, and I’m paraphrasing, he’s lived a life full of personal shoppers, drivers probably named Bitterman or Winchester, and had never been exposed to a freaking U-Scan before. And yet somehow these types of folks are supposed to know what we actual, real people have to put up with day to day. Now I can’t attest to the validity of that story, but the point remains. 

I mean let’s be honest. We ALL bitch and moan about corruption. We ALL whine when we see laws passed that quite honestly reflect the interests of NO ONE but well-connected, often self-centered, ego-maniacal control freaks who get off on telling us all what we are and are not allowed to do, at least “legally” (law…another human-fabricated concept that I could go on about, but I digress). WHY?!

In summary.

No government. Massive cooperative policy-making. Collective consciousness. They’re completely foreign, and most likely batshit crazy concepts – I get it. Really, I do. And I do not at all blame anyone who is laughing at me as they read this. After all, our species has had leaders and people willing to make the rules for our entire existence. It’s a completely off the wall, absurd idea. I’m aware. But you know what else was an absurd idea at one time? Gravity. Medicine. Electricity. Airplanes. The wheel. The fact that Earth isn’t the center of the universe. That it was FREAKING ROUND. Oh, and I bet the first genius that decided stairs were the easiest way to climb stuff was laughed out of his cave when he first told his buddies as they chatted over the first fire EVER created. I bet his cave-cronies said he was nuts too. Or at least grunted that he was. Yeah, have fun with the saber tooth tigers out there, moron. We’re gonna keep chilling in our cave as we draw pictures of animals on the wall to entertain ourselves. Don’t get stomped on by a mammoth while you build these “stairs” you speak of. Pff.

But for real. Why in the flat Earth hasn’t this at least been a topic of debate? If nothing else, it might lead to someone else coming up with a better idea. Because let’s be honest…like a billion percent of the people I talk to feel completely abandoned, neglected, or otherwise outright exploited by the status quo. And don’t get me wrong – not all politicians are corrupt. I’m sure plenty of them are genuine, good people who truly want what’s best for us. Maybe even most. Who knows.

But something’s gotta give. The tension and frustration are simply reaching a tipping point, and honestly I’m utterly horrified of what could result. We’ve got to do something differently. 

Either that, or I’m applying to cryogenically freeze myself and be thawed out when this world gets it shit together.