On the Eve: 7

Lady Elaine, former Vice-Regent to King Jordain


I sincerely hope that my letter finds you well. I was just informed that the Queen attempted to overtake your lands. What is going on? I must be informed, as I fear transgression of my own stead if my suspicions prove correct.

The agreement we came to those many years ago left no party wanting. What event could possibly have transpired that could compel Jocasta to violate such a generous contract? I suppose she got what she deserved, if what I heard of the battle is to be true.

I cannot help but think that this is about finally putting you down for what she thinks we did. Our lives needn’t have gone this way, were it not for that awful, sniveling, pathetic excuse that you called Hand. I only hope my scouts’ reports held back the true details. Ulric deserved a slow, agonizing death.

Please respond with haste, my King. I must know if I need to increase fortifications.

Ever loyal,


Put Ulric’s head on a spike, until every last piece of him turns to rot.

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